Overview of materials

MaterialYield strenght Re in N/mm²Tensile strenght Rm in N/mm²Elongation A in % (min.) lenghtwiseImpact energy crosswise (Joule)
-20 °C-40 °C
E470+AR / Forterior® 470mind. 470650 - 80017//
20 Mn V 6 (N) / Forterior® 450 ImpactFit 20mind. 440600 - 7501927 (only lenghtwise)/
E590K2+QT / Forterior® 590 ImpactFit 40mind. 570700 - 850163021
S 620 QL / FGS 63Vmind. 580690 - 860163027
S 690 G5QL  / FineXcell® 690 ImpactFit 50mind. 690770 - 960163027
S 690 G2QL1 / FineXcell® 700 ImpactFit 60mind. 690770 - 960164530
S 770 G1QL / FineXcell® 770 ImpactFit 50mind. 750800 - 980153027
S 790 QL / FineXcell® 790 ImpactFit 50mind. 730800 - 980153530
S 890 G1QL / FineXcell® 890 ImpactFit 50mind. 850920 - 1070143027

Comparison of the mechanical values of the materials that we keep in stock (with an assumed wall thickness of 25 mm)




Picture for illustration of the weight reductionOpen zoom
The picture illustrates the weight reduction that is possible by using the various grades.

The high mechanical values (yield strength/tensile strength) of the material we supply make possible a considerable reduction in dimensions and wall thickness, and nevertheless meet the guaranteed elongation and toughness values while still providing good weldability.

This is based on DIN EN 13480-3. It also applies to the following graphic representation.

  • Are your cylinders too heavy?
  • Do your cylinders require too much space?
  • Could your cylinders use higher pressure stages?

The high mechanical values (yield strength/tensile strength) of our grades available make possible considerable reductions in dimensions and wall thicknesses, and regardless of the above they have guaranteed good elongation and ductility values (see table) combined with good weldability.

In the field of mobile hydraulics these potentials for weight savings are becoming more and more important. If the construction is the same this means more safety.